About Us

You can find the Tesuque Pueblo just 10 miles north of Santa Fe in the soft, amber foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It has been the home to the Tesuque people since 1200 A.D., and is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places – for good reason. Enveloping over 17,000 acres of land, including areas within the Santa Fe National Forest, the Tesuque Pueblo is teeming with history. Residents hold strong to traditional ceremonies, and celebrate the observance of the Three Kings Day, Corn Dance, and Feast Day. Even to this day you will hear the denizens speaking in their native Tewa.

Tradition & Culture

Tradition and culture remain a tenacious force here, with much of the pueblo proudly continuing, empowering, and sharing old ways. Artisan silversmiths can be found crafting exquisite pieces of jewelry, and handmade rugs, clothing, baskets, and beads. Of course, the iconic camel, a natural sandstone formation carved by centuries of wind and rain welcome all who come to visit. From our Camel Rock Casino, to our Mobile Home Community, we have built a world where tradition reigns but graciously merges with modern day. We invite you to visit our beautiful land, experience the culture, and learn a little about this small, yet humble desert pueblo, the Pueblo of Tesuque.